Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The survey report is now available !!!


This report presents the results of a survey on students’ music knowledge. The aim of the survey was to determine the musical preferences and the musical background of students around the World. Another goal was to know more about the consumption of music product of students.


The survey sample consisted of 53 students of many countries. Most of the respondents were living in North America. The questionnaire contained ten multiple-choice questions and these questions were available on the internet and the students answered the survey on our computers. We had some problems with 3 questions that had the choice “other” and didn’t have a textbox to write the person’s answer.


The responses show that none of the respondents live in Africa and that half of all the respondents are living in North America. The survey also shows that all the styles of music are appreciated by students maybe except for country and opera but the most popular is certainly rock .The survey show that people buy music CDs but not a lot. Some results weren’t a surprise for example: the most popular musical instrument is the guitar and most of the students listen to recent music more than old.


The survey shows at first look that students like music and that they all have thier personal preferences about the style and instrument that they like . Most of them like to listen to music when they drive, when they are in their car or at home. Many of them like to listen to new things and recent songs more than always listening to the same music. But the most important aspect that the survey shows is that many of the respondent have a good background and a good general knowledge in music because many questions were about important people in music and the answers for those questions are very good .


Many factors influenced the musical background of students and I think that the survey wasn’t complete in that way. If I could I would change some questions of the survey like: the question 8 in which I asked people about the worst band in the world. This question wasn’t appropriate because each person is different and a multiple choice question is to closed to have a signification. Also the questions cover to different subjects and aspects of music and to have a better result the questions should be about only one aspect such as music important people in the music world.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey ! Hey ! New Survey is avaible !!!

If you want to do an exciting survey about the music, go to have fun !

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


My Montreal is a constantly moving world where you live with constant moving people.Like the other cities, Montreal has a specific mood and the night is the best time of each day to see it.You walk with your friends on the sidewalk you meet new people, and you can do all what you want :go sit on a park bench, go drink a cofee, go drink a beer in a bar and go have fun in a club.I don’t know why but the nights in Montreal in summer or in winter are warm.By warm I'm talking about the interrelation between people and the ambiant feeling.Finally if the night is your element : Montreal is also your city.